Alerta anti Five-seveN y blindajes que la evitan

Five-seveN: a lethal weapon

It perforates armor of fiber such as Kevlar, Dyneema or similar

La pistola Five-seveN, también conocida como mata policías, porque es capaz de penetrar blindajes hechos con fibras como las usadas para chalecos, cascos y automóvilesFive-SeveN is the first highly lethal pistol of a new generation. If it fires a 5.7x 28 mm bullet, it's able to perforate armor made of aramid fibers at a considerable distance. Even though law enforcement uses it in Mexico, there is countless journalistic evidence of its rapid spread among different groups of the organized crime.

In fact, due to its quick spread among delinquents, and its easiness with which it penetrates vests, helmets and automobiles armored with aramid fibers, it is already known as the Cop Killer in Mexico and the world.

Armors that hold it

We inform you that Protecto Glass International already has a new line of products against this redoubtable weapon, from level III armors onwards, which names have been added the ending _57 (levels III_56, IV_57, etc.).

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